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Here is some information about a man born a Hindu, who studied from both
Muslim and Hindu teachers, spent a generous proportion of his teaching time
on european, american and some japanese students, as well as successfully
bringing many indian students to a professional standard.
We need to remember that there is sanity, generousity, and cultural
sophistication – going on quietly all the time – inspite of all the
publicity given to stupidity, violence, and prejudice.
love and peace
john perkins

New mp3 site. (now live)
A tribute to the late prof. suresh misra – material contributed by his

„The Late Professor Suresh Chandra Misra. (1934 -2002) acknowledged the
following teachers: Ustad Yusuf Ali Khan, Ustad Sakhavat Hussein Khan, Ustad
Ilyas Khan, Pandit S.N.Ratanjankar, Prof. D.T.Joshi, and Ustad Vilayat Khan.
He taught at Khairagargh University, Dartington College of Arts UK, and
Visva Bharati University, until his retirement as senior professor in 1994.
He was a „high B“ grade artist on All-India Radio, Calcutta, for many years.
His music, his hospitality, his knowledge, and his wonderful family have
been an inspiration to generations of students around the globe.
We hope that by creating this web site we can enable him to continue his
work beyond his physical existence.“

Prof. Suresh Misra taught a number of dartington students who went on to
higher studies: Gerry Farrel (Morley College), Francis Silkstone (worked on
the music for ‚Ghandi‘ with Ravi Shankar),

 Gareth Lewis (now teaching inCanada).
He also taught Alistair Dick (Lecturer: Dartington Asian Music Studies Dept
1970-80) on his sabatical at Visva Bharati University,
Santiniketan, in 1973.
Alistair introduced me to him, and I studied myself on visits to
Santiniketan in 1974/5, 1977/8, 1988/9, and 1991/2.
Another of his students, Amelia Maciszewski, is: Killam Postdoctoral Fellow,
University of Alberta Department of Music, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

He was a fine player, an inspiring teacher, and a lovely man with a most
hospitable family. His sons and grandchildren still live in the house he
built off campus in Santiniketan.
His one visit to Dartington to teach the summer term in 1978 was an
experience he treasured – we reminisced about it when I last visited him in
Jan 2001.
love and peace



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